Choosing a place for a first date with a guy

Choosing a place for a first date with a guy

The chosen place for a date determines the course and mood of the romantic evening. Partners should feel comfortable, confident and free. Be sure to take into account the character, tastes and preferences of the guy. Avoid exotic places and noisy discos. For a first date, a neutral area with an unobtrusive atmosphere is ideal, since you can get to know each other well only in a quiet and pleasant place.

The traditional choice is the cinema

It is an excellent place for both first and subsequent meetings. The only condition is the joint choice of the film. Among the most popular genres are romantic comedy and horror. If it is a romantic film, everything ends happily, the film sets up a romantic mood. If it is a horror movie, intense music and the effect of surprise create a special atmosphere when you can accidentally touch a guy, take his hand, referring to fear. At the same time, a man feels like a real protector even in the absence of a real threat.

Benefits of a date at the cinema:

· Discussion of the plot;

· There is no need to maintain an uninteresting conversation;

· You can pick up any outfits;

· The ability to observe the reaction of a guy to different life scenes from the film.

A café

This is a cozy place where the atmosphere of silence and solitude usually reigns. Here, no one will interfere with dating and conversations. To get acquainted, you do not need to order a lunch, because a cup of coffee is enough. Dinner at an expensive restaurant is already considered bad manners.

A park

It is the most budget option. It will allow you to enjoy nature while having a casual conversation. You can choose the central alleys. You can diversify your vacation by having a picnic in the fresh air. Light snacks are enough for a date. It is especially valuable if a girl cooks them on her own, demonstrating her talents.


Observing the life of animals will add common topics of conversation. The atmosphere of life and fun always reigns here: children’s laughter, admiring voices, sounds of nature. Such a date will give only positive impressions.


This is rollerblading, skating, bicycles and even horses, kayaking or rock climbing. Such variations are suitable for athletic and gambling people. There is no need to have leisurely conversations over a cup of coffee.

Unusual offers

The choice of where to meet with your boyfriend is vast. It is important to take into account the interests of the partner and the possibilities of your city. There are many non-trivial original options for a meeting. Street food festivals, photo shoots, gym classes, pairing computer games, cooking evenings and so on. Use your imagination and do not be afraid to surprise your new interlocutor, since the most important and valuable thing is real unforgettable emotions.

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