5 rules of a first date with a guy

5 rules of a first date with a guy

The first date is always exciting, anxious event. New thing causes feelings and anxiety. Will the first meeting be a step into romance and love, or will everything turn into grief and frustration? Will you charm the guy so that he will call you back that very evening, or will the first date be the last one? Our top 5 rules will help you gain confidence when dealing with a guy.

Your appearance

Decency, modesty, elegance are the basic requirements for a first date look. Vulgar outfits, cheap combinations, flashy colors will scare off almost all men. Do not put on oversized stiletto heels, or a fancy evening dress. Casual style is also prohibited: shapeless hoodies, stretched T-shirts or sneakers. The ideal look for a first date with a boyfriend should be a little erotic. Light nude makeup, a flying dress, elegant shoes, and the main decoration is the glitter.

Remember about feminism

You should not include talk about your “male” actions. Most guys are afraid of emancipated girls. Do not be afraid to appear weak and defenseless. Let your partner take care of you.

The exact opposite mistake is telling the guy about your problems. Even the noblest man should not solve other people’s problems at the first meeting. It is important not to tell about all the troubles, complexes and other stories of your difficult fate. This is a sure way to be considered an eternally disgruntled girl or a complete pessimist.


Stupid or overly serious questions are prohibited. The list of unwanted topics is extensive: the banal “What are you thinking about?” and questions about work, family, problems. On the first date, you do not need to discuss your ex or share your love experience. Moreover, you should take into account that it is also unpleasant for men to hear about your past relationships.

Do not rely on love at first sight

The first date does not always end with a relationship, marriage. More than half of them become the last one for a number of different reasons. Therefore, when getting ready for a meeting, do not make serious plans. Do not think about how good you would look together or how beautiful the children would be. You should not imagine your future family life. Do not think that this is already your boyfriend. Remember that the less expectations, the less frustration. If everything turns out well, happiness will be even more pleasant.

Let’s drink a glass

Light alcoholic drinks will only improve the first meeting. Sparkling wine will add sparkle to the eyes, remove unnecessary complexes, liberate and help to better understand each other. It is important not to overdo it. Drunk first dates rarely end well. In order not to suffer from conscientious feelings in the morning or to remember the evening bit by bit, do not drink more than 2 glasses.

For a successful first date, be sincere and fun. Do not show your fears and worries. Do not dump all information about yourself. Keep the conversation pleasant for both partners.

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