How to please a girl on a first date

How to please a girl on a first date

How to behave on a first date, so that the girl fall in love? First of all, you need to be yourself. It is not necessary to immediately show her a bank card with money and show off the presence of a cool foreign car. A girl might think that a guy is cheating on her or will appreciate him only for the availability of money.

It is necessary to enjoy yourself from communication, then the girl will be interested. If she is bored and you see it, you need to immediately change tactics. The tension in the conversation will not lead to anything good, it is better to relax and not get too hung up on words. The mood should be simple with a certain degree of indifference. Although this skill is achieved by lengthy training, it can still be developed.

Trying to make an impression, to portray someone from oneself will be a mistake on the part of a man. The girl will notice this and, most likely, will not want to communicate anymore.

A man should be, not necessarily stylish, but neatly dressed.

A positive attitude is required, it will not work to sit quietly and be silent. Communicate with a sad whiner is not interesting to anyone. If you have communication, and the mood is bad, it is better to postpone the meeting to another time.

Most of the information in a conversation is transmitted non-verbally, and only a small percentage is what we are talking about. Therefore, when communicating with a girl, the internal energy of a man is important, and not the topic of conversation. It is important to “turn on” the girl from the inside, then there is a chance she will like.

And yet there are universal topics that you can talk about. This is a movie topic, you can ask a girl about the latest news. Talk about travel, the places where she spent time. You can develop a theme about sports and favorite hobbies. An inexhaustible topic is books. Funny stories, for example, the theme of childhood, bring together very closely.

There are topics that are best avoided, for example, asking questions about a girl’s former relationship. The themes of politics and religion in this case are unlikely to be relevant.

A man needs to remember that girls are very emotional. It is these emotions that need to be evoked in her, to make her laugh and not be afraid to embarrass her a little, to awaken her feelings. The more feelings a man will cause a girl, the more she will like him.

It is better not to give her a routine interrogation, asking specific questions about where you study, who you work with. After all, this is not an interview, and such questions do not emotionally cling to.

Another point worth paying attention to is the time of the first communication. It should not last long, more than an hour. For the first time, this will be enough to impress her and decide for sure whether there will be continued communication.

First you can take a closer look at each other, find out who lives what, how to enjoy being together in a chat. If at the end of the conversation there is a feeling that people have known each other for many years, then everything is perfect.

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