Is it possible to declare love in a chat?

Is it possible to declare love in a chat?

Today, the vast majority of people make friends and find love in the Internet. And very often these acquaintances occur in chat-roulettes, for example, Omegle and Chatroulette.

The place of dating … and not only?

Initially, chat-roulettes were conceived as entertainment portals against boredom and longing, where you can always find an interlocutor for a few minutes. A quick random search and now you are chatting with someone on topics of interest to both of you.

And if a person on the other side of the screen is unpleasant, you can simply fchange the interlocutor. So in just one evening you can meet several dozen people, make friends, exchange contacts and even fall in love.

Is there a place of falling in love in the virtual world, where people have millions of guises that do not always coincide with reality is a philosophical question.

We will not rant for a long time on this subject. In the end, this is only a matter of personal sympathy and attitude. We will tell you what to do if your chat-roulette interlocutor was the very person.

Learn information

You need to find out if your interlocutor has a soulmate. Some, of course, prefer to lie, but others will tell the truth. If there is a lover, then you cannot talk about falling in love, it is better to continue a conversation on a neutral topic and, if possible, change the interlocutor. But friendship by interests is also very, very good.

Make a compliment

Declaring love is always very exciting, so if possible, prepare the way – make an explicit compliment to him or her with a sense of humor, appearance, or tell stories.

Add a little uncertainty

A statement with “seems” is always much more beneficial than just a statement. This note of uncertainty makes it possible to turn 180 degrees in case of failure. “I think I fell in love” is the simplest and most successful phrase in chat-roulette. At least until you are still sure that in case of refusal you are ready to interrupt all contacts with the interlocutor.

Get ready for any answer

Even if a person on the other side of the monitor is keen on communicating with you, this does not mean that he will reciprocate immediately. So be prepared to accept the denial and do not worry about it.

To ethics

Chat-roulette is not far from Russian chat-roulette. A chatting young man with wit can turn out to be an abuser and a person of low moral principles, and a charming girl can swing a cradle with one hand with a recently born baby and husband, a sailing seaman.

We always want to seem better than we really are, so do not say that you love a person until you get to know him better, and ideally, you will not meet in real life.

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