How not to spoil everything on a first date

How not to spoil everything on a first date

The first date is like a jump into water: a breath, maximum concentration, and then endless panic and no thoughts in my head. What if it is not held in a cozy cafe with candles and a bottle of wine? If instead you have tens of kilometers between you, an indifferent laptop screen and a messenger, where can they send you into oblivion with one touch of your fingers? How to behave on a virtual first date in Omegle and Chatroulette, so that followed by a second and third one?

The first chance is not always the last

Even if the person on the other side of the screen has attractive appearance, you should not mentally build a house and plant a tree. Consider a virtual date as a curious social experiment, not a fateful meeting.

So you will feel calmer, do not say stupid things and do not be very upset in case of failure.

Down with negligence

A virtual date is also a date. Therefore, take the extra 5 minutes of your appearance before meeting with a stranger. Our society still continues to live according to the old canons. Therefore, do not be surprised if old stains from coffee and chocolate are noticed and evaluated in a negative way.

No complicated topics

It is strange to quarrel on a first date because of Brexit or the war in Syria. While you are not confident in the political, religious and other fundamental views of a person in chat-roulette, do not start complex discussions. People come to Omegle and Chatroulette to get positive emotions, so for a first date, cats, new movies, or everyone’s self-isolation regime that is bored with everyone, are quite suitable.

Do not eat or drink

What is good for the real world is not always suitable for the virtual. A rare date goes without a delicious dessert and wine, but chat-roulette is another case. A face champing in the frame with greens stuck between the teeth and fat glistening on the lips is an unattractive sight. So leave food and drinks for that magical moment when you meet offline.

Use fewer words

Speak less, listen more – this is an ideal rule for any situation. Firstly, everyone likes to talk about himself and is automatically imbued with sympathy for someone who is ready to listen to it. Secondly, there’s a much lower chance of talking about something superfluous. It is good if the interlocutor will tell something really interesting, but even if he is talking nonsense, listen to him.

Keep the intrigue

It does not matter whether you are a girl or a guy, you should not dump everything inside the chat-roulette. Leaving some of the information with you, you will not only protect yourself, but also keep the intrigue. It is likely that the interlocutor will contact again.

Do not delay

Even if the person tells amazing stories, sparkles jokingly and could take first place in the list of candidates for a second date, do not drag out the conversation indefinitely. Better offer to meet in a chat again, and then, referring to important matters, say goodbye.

Chat-roulette is a great way to not only have fun, but also to find friends and even a soulmate. And a successful first date is the key to subsequent meetings not only in the virtual, but also in the real world.

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