Meeting Celebrities in Video Chats

Chatroulettes is an excellent way to spend an evening if you do not feel like being alone. You can meet someone special there, so special you will not even believe your eyes. Video chats are popular among different people, celebrities are not an exception. The internet is full of recorded videos of ordinary people meeting superstars cam-to-cam. The most fascinating thing about it is that not all users instantly recognize their idols, and some even click “Next.” So, here are some stars that were caught in video chat roulettes by ordinary users.

  1. Justin Bieber

Despite quite a tense working schedule, Justine Bieber, as all teens, could not resist showing off in front of the camera. The girls to have caught him could not believe their luck – every teen girl’s dream come true!

  1. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s appearance on chatroulette is a confirmation that stars do not always look in life the way they do on the screen. Talking to a celebrity cam-to-cam for some time, her random partner did not believe it was Jessica Alba herself.

  1. Johnny Depp

It is surprising to meet someone as serious and well-known as Johnny Depp sitting in his chair with a bottle of beer and staring right at you. Still, this superstar was caught in chatroulette not once and keeps spoiling his fans with his online presence.

  1. Paris Hilton

This celebrity is never tired of exuberant compliments and demonstration of admiration from her fans. Probably, the star is missing those when being alone in her apartment. The good thing chatroulette is there to instantly connect Paris to her fans around the world.

  1. Snoop Dogg

A famous rapper is another star that likes communicating with random fans in video chats. Snoop behaves like an ordinary guy, you can tell the star sickness has not touched him a bit.

  1. Jason Statham

A star equally liked by men and women, Statham is a frequent guest in chat roulettes. Difficult to say what brings him there, but there is quite a possibility to meet him cam-to-cam – if only you are lucky enough.

Why Are Video Chats So Popular Among Superstars?

There is no single answer to this question, yet celebrities do like appearing on chatroulettes from time to time. Probably, this is an actual possibility for them to talk to fans without huge crowds shouting, cameras going here and there, and crazy fans asking for an autograph. Many stars are genuinely interesting people and they do not only talk about themselves, but listen to you as well. Some are even happy not to be recognized; fame can be tiresome sometimes.

A Great Chance To Meet Your Celebrity

Meeting celebrities in video chats is not a dream but an actual experience of many people. So, if you still have not met your superstar – no worries. Be patient and believe in luck, and one day you will be happy to see his or her face on the screen. Just make sure to recognize your idol in casual clothing and without makeup.


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