How to show your sympathy to the interlocutor?

How to show your sympathy to the interlocutor?

To express sympathy, use not only words, but also sign language. People speak body language involuntarily. The interlocutor reads body movements at an unconscious level. Using Chatroulett and Omegle services, this will not be difficult, because communication takes place through a video call. Two people are talking, seeing each other. Use the right words and sign language to express feelings.

How to show interest?

There is an unwritten rule in conversation – to express interest. Ask the interlocutor for details, ask the right questions. According to non-verbal signs, the interlocutor understands the true attitude to the conversation.

Interest is expressed by the absence of gestures. A person immersed in a conversation listens with bated breath, does not create unnecessary movements. To express interest, look at the other person without moving. Make a slight tilt towards the interlocutor. Eyes are widened and eyebrows are raised. The main thing is not to overdo it with emotions, be natural.

How to show respect?

In verbal contact, men express respect by shaking hands. But in the chat this will not work, so facial expressions are used. An open and sincere smile will not only express respect, but will help to arrange the interlocutor.

Respect phrases:

· “I’m glad to see you!”

· “I respect your choice”

· “Thanks for …”

· “I’m glad that you did it”

Sincere words spoken from a pure heart will not leave anyone indifferent. Speak honestly, do not be fake.

How does a man show sympathy for a girl?

A sincere smile is an indicator of sympathy, know how to create and read on the face of another person.

A confident man casts candid glances at the woman, delays his gaze at the object of sighing. Shy guys look at the girl, but if their eyes cross, they quickly look away.

How does a woman show sympathy for a man?

Women, as sensitive creatures, rarely hide emotions. To show sympathy for a man, a woman begins to touch her hair and throws them back. If a man on the other side of the screen likes it, then the woman will show it with gestures, without words.

General recommendations on how to show feelings:

· Speak realistic and sincere compliments.

· Praise for big and small achievements.

· Be interested in matters related to the person you are talking to.

· Evaluate humor and a keen mind.

When talking, speak confidently and relaxed. If no methods work, then write a message. Writing is easier than saying. If this does not help, then tell me directly. If your sympathy did not find a response, then look for another interlocutor.

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