How to show your feelings in a chat

How to show your feelings in a chat

When you regularly communicate with a person in an online chat, and feel warm feelings for him, sooner or later a desire arises to show them. This is quite simple to do if the relationship flows in the usual way, and you see your loved one daily. As for online chats, everything is a bit more complicated. Indeed, the recognition seems awkward, which makes it difficult to communicate with a person who likes. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the algorithm of actions that will help to express positive feelings towards the interlocutor.


If you plan to show feelings to the interlocutor, start with a greeting. And this should not be a banal “hello”. It is important to interest a person by inventing an original, captivating greeting. Try to surprise – this is the first confident step towards achieving the goal.

Every word matters

Suppose a young man decides to tell a girl that he likes her, or that he is in love with her. Think over every word in a conversation. It depends on intonation whether the interlocutor will be able to predict your message. Send messages when the feeling of love overwhelms you.


The conversation should be as sincere as possible. A woman should perceive your words the way you want it.

Kindness and tenderness

You should use gentle expressions in the conversation, but do not overdo it, otherwise it will become unpleasant to talk in such a context. A girl may suspect something was wrong, for example, that you communicate in such a tone to achieve goals that are unacceptable to her.


A moderate number of compliments will play into the hands. Mention in passing how attractive the interlocutor is. Pay attention to lips, eyes, a figure, appreciate a hairdress, a make-up or an outfit.


In addition to pleasant words in favour of her appearance, the girl will be glad to hear pleasant memories from you, for example, the moments when you first met, that you told each other what delight you experienced from her smile. To make it clear to the girl that you like her, it is important to penetrate into her inner world.

Touch point

To make it easier to tell the potential girlfriend about feelings, try to find a common ground expressed in common interests, such as travelling, cycling, animals, art, general hobbies, etc.


A woman loves attention, and if you have serious intentions, it is important to pay attention to your beloved one every day. Wish good morning and good night. Sooner or later, the girl will understand that you are paying attention to her for a reason.

Chat is a kind of game that is perceived by many as entertainment. But if feelings are strong, you will surely find a way to tell your friend about the tenderness you feel for her.

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