What signs of attention exist?

What signs of attention exist?

Omegle and Chatroulette are popular online communicators where you can not only find a friend, but also meet your soul mate.

In order for the girl to pay attention to you, appropriate signs of attention should be given to her. But how to do it correctly, if gestures, facial expressions and intonation of the voice cannot be transmitted?

How to attract attention by chatting with the fair sex in an online chat

It is customary to distinguish the following signs:

1. Make sincere compliments. It should be remembered that a girl can very sensitively recognize undisguised flattery, familiarity, lack of a sense of tact. Even if your interlocutor is really pretty, you do not have to tell her directly about it. It is very likely to scare away your chosen one, as it can be regarded as sexual harassment and indicates purely your intimate interest in the subject. It is much more correct to focus your attention on her non-trivial manner of communication, wit, ability to present information. Even if it is not entirely true, a little flattery will not hurt.

2. If the communication is organized in a video chat, focus on her inimitable appearance and ability to dress. It must be understood that the girl, first of all, loves t receive compliments, that is why the complement regarding her appearance will be very helpful.

3. Closely monitor the topic that you choose for conversation, remember information about her hobbies, favorite films, literary works and film actors. In the future, you will have the opportunity to acquire additional information related to these topics and share them. It will indicate your attentiveness to the girl, as well as not indifference to her person.

4. Make her a compliment that she writes correctly and knows how to formulate thoughts. Never focus on her spelling or stylistic mistakes. Even if your interlocutor is not particularly literate, it is better to just keep silent about it.

5. Provoke the girl as a joke, and then say that she has an exceptional sense of humor. You can make fun of her (just do not overdo it, you should tease your interlocutor within reasonable limits), let she feel a manner of easy and lively communication.

6. After quite a long conversation, you can make a compliment about her sexual attractiveness. It should be understood that every girl, no matter how modest, impregnable and principled, one way or another, thinks about sex.

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