Can Video Chats Grant Confidentiality?

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Not so long ago, video chatting was a novelty, but today, it is already a means of communication that we use on everyday basis. We go to video chats and chat roulettes to talk to people from different parts of the world. Virtually any social network has a built-in feature of video chatting. We can switch from texting to video chatting by clicking a button right in the chat without seeking for a special service or program.

Confidentiality Issues in Video Chats

Thinking about personal security while video chatting is the right thing to do. Even though all respectful services have policies that grant the protection of users’ data confidentiality, there are still cases of data leakages happening. When video chatting with random people in various video chatting apps and services such as chat roulette, the main danger comes from users’ inability to protect the system from malware. Many hackers use webcam to transmit the virus on your computer and receive access to data. Video chatting in random sites is a serious threat to the security of your data, especially if your system is not protected enough. So what should you do?

  1. Secure your system. Make sure your antivirus program is up to date and is launched. In the webcam settings, select the option that makes sites and services ask permission each time they try to access your webcam.
  2. Check the webcam is off when the conversation is over. In most laptops, there is a light indicator near the cam that switches on when you are sharing a video, and off once you finish video conversation.
  3. Finally, the leakage of your data may be your fault directly. Do not share confidential information with strangers, even if you really need to tell someone you just inherited a huge sum of money from your granny.

Take Care of Your Confidentiality

Security and protection of your privacy is in your best interests. Even though video chat services grant a bullet-proof security, you have to play it safe anyway. With all protective measures in order, you should not worry about any breach of confidentiality. One more thing to consider is how to protect children from becoming victims of video chat misuse. As many parents are advised, it is better to buy a laptop without a built-in webcam and have children use separate cam if they need to talk to someone. It is better to place PC with camera in the room where you can see who your child talks to. There have been cases of children emotionally and sexually abused by online bullies who steal personal data and blackmail the underaged. This way, you can protect your child and your family from intrusion and abuse by following the basic safety rules of video chatting on the Internet.

All in all, video chats do grant confidentiality, however, personal consideration for one’s safety is never too much. Millions of people enjoy the benefits of face-to-face communication every day, with nothing bad happening to them. So, if you are protected from both side, you have nothing to worry about.

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