5 unobvious questions for communication with a girl

5 unobvious questions for communication with a girl

Communication in chat-roulettes is an art. Therefore, it is not enough to be attractive: even the most beautiful man will soon get bored with a lady if she talks only about herself.

In order to impress a girl you like and interest her in your conversation, it is important to ask original questions that will surprise your interlocutor and which she will definitely remember.

What is your brightest childhood memory?

This question is literally saturated with warmth and light. Therefore, it will surely bring a smile to her face and make her go back in time. After all, few people are interested in such trifles that can be a whole universe for us, children who have long grown up.

What are you afraid of more than anything?

Fears tear off the masks of composure and arrogance, forcing us to be sincere, especially with ourselves. Such an unexpected question, without a doubt, will surprise the girl and pull out her real essence, showing you who she really is and whether or not she is pretending to communicate with you.

What would you like to change in your life?

This very interesting question calls for revelation. But you have to be very careful: if a girl with a smile answers that she is happy with everything, do not torture her and do not laugh. Just ask your next non-obvious question.

What would you do if you became a man?

Correct jokes bring people together. Fantasy together on this topic, and the girl will definitely appreciate your wit and sense of humor.

What is love for you?

Obviously, for a woman, love is the foundation of the universe. Ask this question and be sure to listen to everything your interlocutor says. Do it with a serious look and periodic nods in response.

These questions will not only appeal to you girl, but also allow you to better know what kind of person she is. You can take these questions as an example and come up with your own, better and more unwholesome than here. After her answer, be sure to answer the question in return. So she will not feel that she has trusted you in vain.

Where to communicate with girls

The most popular communication services are Omegle and Chatroulette. They allow you to meet nice girls without registration and hold emotional and productive dialogues with them. All communication takes place with the help of a webcam, so you decide whether you will continue to talk face-to-face or switch to another person. If she disappoints you, then you can finish your conversation at any time and start looking for a new girl.

By the way, 5 unobvious, but the same questions can be asked to many girls and then none of them will want to interrupt communication with such an interesting man.


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